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McGowan's Vision:

On May 23, 1966, J.R. McGowan along with his wife Coeta McGowan, signed the Restrictive Covenants running with the land, for a plot of property located around Lake Arrowhead in Mason County, Washington. Also filed were the original Lake Arrowhead Community Club Articles of Incorporation. The covenants were created to provide an aesthetic, helpful and uniform development of all the property, and to preserve the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

Today, Lake Arrowhead Community Club continues to exist through the continuing leadership of its governing body which consists of 9 board members.

Lake Arrowhead Community Club is private and non-profit with approximately 400 members who own over 600 lots, with many members owning multiple lots. It employs 2 people who are responsible for LACC property and grounds maintenance, patrol, covenant enforcement, member services and volunteer committee support. The club is governed by a panel of nine board members, and has volunteer committees which include; architectural control, lake environment, landscaping, recreation and community crime watch.

Lake Arrowhead Community Club is located around scenic Lake Arrowhead in Mason County Washington. Our lake is stocked (quarterly) through our fish program, which provides excellent opportunities for recreational fishing (members & guests only). We also offer other activities such as; swimming, volleyball, basketball, horseshoeing, boating, indoor game activities, our annual fishing derby and community barbeque, with a number of potlucks throughout the year. Our community longhouse is available for members and their guests, and for private reserved parties as well. Lake Arrowhead Community Club also maintains three outdoor parks with covered lounging, barbeque and lakeside picnic areas.

Members pay annual dues, which cover all maintenance of the interior and exterior of LACC properties, their grounds, as well as the community club house and all other common areas.

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