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Architectural Regulations
LACC Resolution 2006-02-17: Architectural Control Committee

This resolution sets out the purposes, authority, makeup and operating procedures of the Lake Arrowhead Community Club Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

1.) Purposes: The ACC has three primary purposes, all centered on service to the members of the association:
  • To review, and recommend to the board approval, disapproval, or conditional disapproval of applications for permits, for projects involving changes to the platted lots, common areas, and any other real property within the jurisdiction of the association. Such projects include but are not limited to grading, tree cutting, and construction of residences, docks, fences and so on.

  • To review and investigate complaints of lot condition requirement violations such as construction without a permit, storage of junk and garbage, neglect and abandonment of recreational trailers, fifth wheels, and the like, and so on, and recommend accordingly to the board of directors; and

  • To identify circumstances that would benefit from a general rule, investigate these circumstances and recommend such rules to the board.

(2.) Authority: The ACC does not have the authority to act for the board with respect to any final decisions; rather, it recommends to the board based on its investigations, experience and deliberations. The board may or may not accept such recommendations in whole or in part. The ACC does have the authority to make such investigations and recommendations to the board. Because the ACC does not have the final authority to act; the recorded restrictive covenants provide that any application for approval that is submitted, and not act on within thirty days, is automatically approved; and the board meets only once per month on a regular basis; all applications to the ACC are automatically denied, pending consideration by the board. Any member who believes that an emergency exists so that more immediate attention must be given to an application (not to include the mere failure to submit the application earlier so it could be considered in the regular course of events), must bring this concern to the chair of the ACC, or if not available, to the President of the board, as soon as possible.

3.) Makeup: The ACC shall consist of one chair, who is appointed, and serves at the pleasure of the board; and from two to six additional members, who are appointed by and served at the pleasure of the chair. The board may also terminate the membership of any of the general members of the ACC, at its discretion. Only association members in good standing may serve as ACC members, although any actions that may be taken by the ACC while a member who is not in good standing is serving on the committee are not subject to challenge for that reason.

LACC Architectural Control Committee is A Board Committee.

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