Community Crime Watch

Tiffany Morrison headed up our last Crime Watch Meeting on Dec. 11th, 2016, it was a great night! Kristin Kingery and Cathy Field from MACECOM along with Mason County Sheriffs Dept., Detective James Ward were our guest speakers. Much THANKS to these folk for taking time out of their busy schedules! It was a very informative meeting on "Safety and Emergency Response". Good meeting, food and fellowship! Thank you Tiffany and All!

Last year's Crime Watch Potluck was held on Dec. 12th, 2015. Mason County Sheriff's Detective James Ward was our guest speaker and covered "Home Security and Burglar Habits". Thank you Tiffany Morrison for arranging this meeting and our thanks to Detective Ward for taking time out of his busy schedule to join us!

***We will keep everyone posted on the next crime watch meeting. Because these meetings are held for adults, please keep your children at home. As much as we love them, they are a big distraction. Thank you!

Spring and summer are busy for everyone... that is why our meetings are held in the fall/winter season.

If you observe any suspicious people or activity anywhere in our community, please get their vehicle description and license plate number, if possible, and report it to 911. Also contact the caretakers to inform them of any incident so that we all can help keep our community safe. Our hopes are to deter crime and remind non-members that we are a private community.***

If LACC member desires to do NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH in our community, please contact the caretaker. If you no longer desire to do NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH, please turn in your magnetic signs and cease driving down private community roads.

The non-emergency number has changed, the new number is 360-426-4441.

It is important to keep your contact information up-to-date with our caretakers so that we are able to reach you in case of an emergency involving your property. It is required to post your address and division and lot number on the front of your property for emergency services and community reference.

***If you are witness to a crime or an unusual incident, be sure to call the authorities. Please also download a copy of the LACC Incident Report below, fill it out and send or email us a copy for our records, and to aid in the capture and incarceration of the perpetrator(s). You'll find our address on our "Home" or "Contact Us" pages. Thank you!


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