Community Caretakers

                                                                      Hello we are Mr.& Mrs. Havens ,but please call us Rick and Annie

                                                                       We are locals Rick is a Shelton High School graduate,

                                                                       he served in the navy with the pacific fleet for 6 years

                                                                     he served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson as well as the USS Peleliu.

                                                                    Annie is from Clear Lake Wa. and had a ATA from MMI Px Az.

                                                                      as well as a long carrier in customer relations.

                                                                    Most recently Rick was contracted with a local retirement center as

                                                                    a grounds and facilities maintenance tec.

                                                                   he was there for 10 years

                                                                   Annie was in the healthcare field as a home care aid.

                                                                  we both love the outdoors and have fallen in love with this lovely community

                                                                    and look forward to many happy times here at lake Arrowhead

                                                                                 BEEP HELLO ON YOUR WAY BY ;)




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