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We had our first fish stock of the year on May 12th, approximately 500 fish. "Happy Fishing!"

HAPPY SUMMER!! If you need help with cleaning up your lot(s), please contact the caretaker, he will hook you up with workers in our community. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Caretakers' contact numbers are posted on the CONTACT US page.

A BIG "THANK YOU" to Scotty Mullins for the use of his excavator, we really appreciate you!

Eagle sightings up the hill, by western area (dump station) park, preying on stray cats.

Bear and cougar sightings in our community, up by Thunderbird Drive. Be alert and be careful.

Our ANNUAL LABOR DAY FESTIVITIES were a great success! CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the fish derby and THANK YOU to all volunteers who made the Derby and Picnic fun for everyone! We hope you attended and had a good time, and hope you and your friends join us again next year!

There have been several COUGAR sightings in our area recently. Fish and Wildlife Dept. asks lot owners to call them if they are missing any pets... cats and small dogs, etc. Their number is 360-580-4126.

A BIG "THANK YOU" to Tane Evans for the use of his excavator the past few weeks! Also his wife, Carolyn Evans for the dozen new "NO FIREWORKS" signs she created for our community! We appreciate you two so much!

Some of our members have volunteered for NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH, just watching out for member's properties and if you need something, flag them down. They will be in either a black F150 Ford pickup, a bronze Jeep or a red Dodge pickup with the words NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH on the sides. They are not available for (or searching for) anything serious, for those issues be sure and call 911 and inform the caretaker.

Be sure to check out all the NEW items below added to our Good Neighbor Policy.

A decision has been made by the Board of Directors at the Meeting on April 9, 2016... we will NO LONGER allow any FIREWORKS in LACC's community grounds, anywhere. That means longhouse, docks, community roads, parks, ie: western/dump station, swimbeach, boat storage and clubhouse yards are all off limits here at LACC, holidays or otherwise, for liability reasons.

There have been several COUGAR sightings in our area (and Star Lake area) recently. Fish and Wildlife Dept. asks lot owners to call them if they are missing any pets... cats and small dogs, etc. Their number is 360-580-4126.

As of the Board's decision on February 27, 2016... LACC will NO LONGER TAKE ALUMINUM CANS for the fish fund. The price we get for cans isn't worth the effort and most bags are full of trash. Thank you anyway! Please take all cans and trash with you.

A BIG "THANK YOU" to Ron and Val Harty for the "numerous" ways they help our community! Mac Frey for good deals on rock for Lake Arrowhead, and both him and Mike Barrette for helping us out so much! They all really show how much they care for our community!

The beginning of each year is lot assessment time, when lot owners will receive their invoices. Please send your check, money order or cashier's check to Lake Arrowhead's address, found on our CONTACT US page. At this time we do not take credit/debit cards (sorry for the inconvenience.) You can also drop off your check or cash at the CARETAKER'S house. If they are not available to take your payment, you can put them in one of the two SAFELOCK MAIL BOXES on the road. (Instructions are posted on the caretaker's door, along with their mobile phone numbers to contact them in case of emergency, and a notice posting the days they have off.) If you have any questions, please call the caretaker, these numbers are also listed on the CONTACT US page. Thank you!

There has been some reports of suspicious vehicles prowling around in our community recently, at strange hours. We're asking everyone to be on the lookout so we can fight this activity together. Please secure your property and contact the caretaker (360-340-6232 or 360-482-3007) and also call 911 if you see any suspicious persons in our community, whether by foot or in vehicles. If we all do our part, we can deter break-ins and burglaries and help keep our community safe. Thank you and let's all have a "great, safe 2016!"

We've had numerous complaints about barking dogs... day and night! Please be courteous to your neighbors and do something about this. Many people work and need their sleep, others come to enjoy their lake property. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Because LACC is a private community, lot owners MUST be present on their property for guests to use any and all club properties. Lot owners are held responsible for any damages/vandalism of LACC properties created by their guests. Refer to LACC Good Neighbor Policy for these and other community rules...

... Quiet Time is enforced with respect to everyone, 10pm till 9am Sun. - Thurs., 12 am till 9am Fri. & Sat...

NEW! ... Reminder that ALL SEWAGE must be disposed of properly and RV's abide by Health Dept. rules. Non-compliance will result in fines and member privileges revoked.
NEW! ... There will be no marijuana or drunkenness allowed on any LACC properties. All "partying" must be kept on own lot. This is a private, "Family Friendly" community.
NEW! ... THREATS AND ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR toward any community members, employees or board members will not be tolerated and will result in member privileges being revoked, possible fines and Law Enforcement will be contacted.
NEW! ... NO FIREWORKS are allowed on any LACC properties at anytime, NO EXCEPTIONS. (Resolution to LACC Bylaws, Board of Directors - April 9, 2016 Board Meeting Decision) NO FIREARMS are allowed to be discharged anywhere at anytime within Lake Arrowhead Community. And no fires are to be left unattended, ie; pit, brush, etc...

NEW!... Children under 13 and pets must have immediate supervision on all LACC properties at all times. Dogs must be leashed in hand, not tied to any permanent structures... and leashed or caged when on your own lot, not running loose or wandering around on roads or other people's lots.

... Fishermen must comply with Washington State Laws for current licenses and catch limit of 5 per day.

It is very important to have signs with addresses and div/lot numbers on the entrance of your property for emergency services and community reference. Arrowhead signs are preferred to keep with the consistency of our community.

All boats in boat storage must be visibly marked, on outside of boat, with div/lot numbers or will be promptly removed.

***The NEW AND IMPROVED Good Neighbor Policy is available inside the longhouse or email us at lacclub@yahoo.com.
***Please see our 'Property For Sale' page on our website and posts on the bulletin board in the longhouse for available lots for sale, and contact the caretaker for locates, in respect for member's privacy.

***Please feel free to contact the caretakers if you need any assistance concerning your lot(s), they are happy to help or find help for you.
***If you have any comments or concerns, we would like to know about them. Please write us, email or drop them in the Suggestion Box inside the longhouse. They will be addressed at the next available Board Meeting. Thank you.

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