Lake Arrowhead is a Private, “Family Friendly” Community…  *LOT OWNERS, PLEASE INFORM ALL FAMILY MEMBERS  GUESTS OF THESE RULES.*

Lot owners MUST BE PRESENT for all guests to use LACC common areas; lake, docks, clubhouse, showers, swim beach, western park/dump station & boat storage. 

Lot Owner is Responsible financially, and otherwise, for any guests’ misbehavior, abuse and vandalism that results in a fine or restitution.

Any threats, harassment & intimidation to staff, volunteers or members is an attack on LACC and will be seriously dealt with. 

Cussing and vulgarity of any kind is also not tolerated.

No Pot Smoking or Drunken Behavior at LACC common areas.  No Fighting or Vandalism, call 911.  Suspicious persons/vehicles in area, call 911.

Children under 12 must have immediate ADULT SUPERVISION on all LACC common areas, which means they must be accompanied by an 18 or older adult.

Keep your dogs leashed or kenneled on YOUR lot, not running loose, & leashed in hand for walks and visits to LACC common areas. Pick up after your dogs. Keep your dogs controlled & quiet, especially during QUIET TIMES. 

Quiet time is enforced with respect to everyone, 10 pm till 9 am Sun.-Thurs. AND 12am till 9am Fri. & Sat. 

NO generators, barking dogs, music or other loud noises should travel beyond your property lines during QUIET TIME. After Quiet Time, respect your neighbors and keep the noise level down

Fishing must comply with WA State laws such as but not limited to licencing and limits. Keep fish on your own stringer, no combining catches. No catch and release from baited hooks. 

Fireworks are allowed ONLY on 4th of July & New Year’s Eve, and only on PRIVATELY owned properties,  NOT on Any LACC Common Areas [4-9-16]. 

Do not leave fires unattended. Besure to extinguish completely when leaving the LACC.

No discharging of FIREARMS are allowed anywhere in LACC community.

You Pack It In, You Pack It Out – Take your garbage and aluminum cans with you. Our can recycle program has been cancelled. [4-9-16]

Bikes, scooters, skateboards and other motorized vehicles are not allowed on docks or grass of  LACC common areas.

Sewage must be disposed of properly - this includes full time residents and members recreating at Lake Arrowhead - All members must abide by Mason County Health Department rules. 

All membership benefits shall be forfeited, including voting privileges, use of the lake, longhouse facilities and other club properties, when a member fails to stay in good standings, regarding HOA dues, covenants, paying any fines or assessments.    [LACC By-Laws, Article III, Section 3a]

Avoid Fines and Restrictions by Enjoying Lake Arrowhead with these Rules